Frank Blenman
Photographer/ Line Producer/ Writer/ /Cinematographer
Director/DP Reel

Frank R. Blenman, is the co-owner of CnB Network (Online TV streaming platform) (New York, USA), and BsqEnt (based in Toronto, Canada) and CEO of FRBproductions and FRBstudios (TV and Film productions and photography companies, respectively). He is an accomplished and international photographer,producer, filmmaker and author, and recently also co-founded CnBNetwork with business partner, and director, D.C; Coles
Frank received his filmmaking and production skills from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has worked with Dr. Maya Angelou, Michael Park (2 time Emmy award winner), Colleen Zenk (Emmy nominated), Holt McCallany, Treach, JD Williams, Sticky Fingerz, Sharon Robinson (Jackie Robinson’s Daughter), and Leland Melvin (Black Astronaut), Celebrity Chef Terry (Extreme Chef winner Season 2), to name a few.
He has also worked on numerous music videos both in country and abroad as the director, producer and/or cinematographer. Currently, he is the co-writer, producer on a web series, “What Women Want Chronicles. He is also the Second Unit Cinematographer for an episodic series titled “Mahjong”. His recent works include:

  • Dry Time

  • Trust (Short film)

  • Friends (Short film)

  • Paulie & Jake (Feature Film)

  • Supermodel (Feature film)

In addition to his tremendous experience in photography and media, Frank is a 25-year veteran of the United States Army, earning a rank of Master Sergeant (E-8) and serving as a Drill Sergeant for many of those years. Additionally, he is listed in two International Martial Arts Hall of Fames, with one of those accolades being, “Master Instructor of the Year”. Frank enjoys continuously updating his skills, and currently has two Master degrees – an MBA in Operations Management, and a MS in Exercise Science.

Shawn Baker

“As a filmmaker…in everything I create visually, I attempt to bring a myriad of life experiences to the big and small screen. Through my eyes I allow people to bear witness to and take part in situations they may not ordinarily encounter in their everyday lives, says Brooklyn-born and raised writer/director Shawn Baker from his New York City office.”

The talented actor turned director started his career in the entertainment business on off-Broadway stages (Town Hall and Newark Symphony Hall) and that is were his passion for bringing multidimensional characters to life began.

After co-starring in plays, Thomas Jefferson, For the Love of My Black Woman and Who Stole My Husband, his urge to express stories that hit him close to the heart had to be satisfied.

So, after he paid his dues by working as a production assistant for 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks co-founder Monty Ross, he began writing the urban street classic For The Good Times. This cool piece introduces Chris Eric Williams (Streets is Watching) as a guy in search of red-light bump and grind parties, hot and steamy sex with beautiful women, and drugs to alleviate distress. This film was distributed domestically through Urban Entertainment and was licensed to BET.

While co-producing the Monty Ross directed documentary entitled Morehouse 20 Years Later, he managed to write and direct an exciting urban-drama newly titled Deceptz formerly The Eddie Black Story. It is inspired by a true story about a notorious Brooklyn street gang who terrorized New York City high schools and urban communities for nearly almost a decade. The film stars Fredro Starr, Chyna Layne, Mike Lubik, Tasha Perri, Roc La Familia artist Tru-Life and introducing Daniel Philip. This film is currently available at major retailers in the United States and Canada. In addition, he wrote the blazing gangster tale Snoopafly with West Coast King Snoop Dogg.

Also, he directed an eye-opening docu-drama entitled Conspiracy X. Shot in New York, this feature stars Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show), Al Thompson (Love Don’t Cost A Thing), and Olivia Longott (VH1’s Love and Hip Hop). The film reveals an in-depth examination of the judicial system incited by capital-gain, empowerment and the New World Order.

In addition, Mr. Baker is in post-production of his latest cinematic foray SUPERMODEL, a long-awaited drama which captures the journey of a young woman’s rise to stardom in the high fashion world. It stars supermodel Sessilee Lopez, Roger Guenveur smith, Tyson Dedford, Mark Johan Jeffries, Cassandra Freeman, Nichole Falicia, Tatyana Ali, Julito McCullum and Angela Simmons. Currently, the hardworking filmmaker is in production of the highly anticipated TV series Mahjongg along with DC Coles and director Troy Antonio, starring Fredro Starr, Hassan Johnson, Geoff Lee, and Carlos Long.

DC Coles

“In this the Indie Film industry there are very few who are as talented and creative but at the same time resourceful on a set and can guide a film from concept to finish film like that of DC COLES. Working with him has been no doubt advantageous to my own career. I can successfully say that I have had the simplest film a short go from just an idea to an award winning final film due to working with him. Collaborations have always been rewarding for me. His talents not just with the camera but working with Actors in less then healthy budget situations and see it come through. You have to ask your self how did it happen. I had the opportunity of working on a film project that had a tremendously large budget with a script I had written but the experience did not at all compare to that of working with even on budgets that were far restrained and low to almost zero budgets. But take a look of the massive experience by viewing his short list of credits listed that follows.