What to wear (or not wear)

This list pertains to Headshots, but can be referenced for other type of shoots.

What to Wear

  • Colors that compliments your hair, eyes and skin tone.

  • Don’t be afraid of some texture.

  • Styles that highlight your best features.

  • Body-conscious clothing (fitted, but not tight).

  • Bring a range of looks and at least 5 full outfits (including accessories, undergarments & shoes).

  • Try on all your outfits and make sure they fit well.

  • If you’re not sure about an item, bring it with you.

  • If you need help, look at current trends in magazines, look at headshots on Imdb or go shopping and ask a knowledgeable sales associate to help you pick out items.

  • Let’s be honest – you might even have to buy a couple things and bring them back after the shoot. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

  • Bring your clean, ironed clothing in a garment bag. A big black garbage bag is a great substitute.

What NOT to Wear

  • Baggy, bulky, saggy or otherwise ill-fitting clothing. Even if it’s in style.

  • Solid black or white items

  • Busy patterns or stripes

  • Logos

  • Overly trendy clothing

  • Wrinkled, stained or torn clothing. Yes, Photoshop is amazing but it’s a waste of your photographer’s time to fix your clothes in post-production.

  • Shiny, sparkly or light-reflecting clothing & accessories.

  • Do not bring your clothing folded.