What to bring to the shoot

The following is a detailed list of everything else that you might need to bring to a photo shoot.


  • Headband, rubber bands, bobby pins

  • Brushes, combs

  • Hair appliances (curling iron, rollers, straighteners)


  • Skin cleanser and moisturizer (Arrive bare-faced for shoots with makeup artists)

Makeup kit

  • Body makeup

  • Cotton balls and cotton swabs

  • Mirror

  • Body lotion for dry skin

  • Clear or nude nail polish, clippers, nail file, polish remover


  • Shoes in neutral colors (dress and flats – black is a must)

  • Different colors of sandal foot nylons (Black, nude, tan and include toe-less if you can find a pair)

  • Black, white and flesh toned undies (one should be a thong)

  • Assortment of bras (black, white, nude, and strapless)

  • Plain black and white socks


  • Safety pins, small sewing kit, clothes pins, clear nail polish (for runs)

  • Light dressing robe

  • Scarf or makeup mask to prevent makeup transfer

  • Dress shields or clear, non-scented deodorant

  • Emergency items (Tylenol, antacid, tampons, razor, bandages, etc)

  • Music, books or magazines for downtime

  • Bring your portfolio and/or any recent photographs that you have had taken.